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The third Hyperbonus event is live in Pokémon Go, the one-time week. And of course you will find interesting pocket monsters in the raids of the AR game. The highlight is of course Genesect, but collectors are sure to be happy about Waumboll too. Find out which Pokémon you can find in the raids until August 21, 2020 here!

As the die-hard fans of Pokémon Go know, the Hyperbonus event Uniquely Week has been active in the game since August 14, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. Generation like Strawickl, Emolga and Waumboll have come into play. No, of course the line-up of the bosses has also changed in the raids. The absolute highlight for collectors and meta players is likely to be Genesect, which was previously only available through two special researches. For one you had to spend your money ("Modular Investigations"), for the other you had to do three Temporary Researches ("Champ of the Nostalgia Challenge 2020"). If you haven't done both, now is the time for you to grab Genesect – and with luck also as Shiny! In our counter-guide for Genesect as a raid boss you will find some tips on how to fight.

Apart from that, you can also look forward to Waumboll in the Tier 1 raids, because the Pokémon from Einall has only just arrived in the game. What a shame: There are neither Strawickl nor Emolga in the raids, so you have to rely on your luck otherwise. Below we have the overview of the raid bosses in the unity week for you; As usual, we have marked the pocket monsters that you can catch as Shiny with a *. We wish you all the best with your hunt!

Tier 1 raid
Praktibalk *, Waumboll, Lilminip, Lithomith *, Klikk *

Tier 2 raid
Kiesling *, Rollum, Flampion, Kastadur, Flunschlik

Tier 3 raid
Cleoparda, Mebrana, Hutsassa

Tier 4 raid
Alola Knogga *, Bissbark, Deponitox

Tier 5 raid
Genesect *

EX raid
Currently paused

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