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Anyone who thinks that games don't hurt anyone is probably underestimating the negligence of some players. Because a study from the United States examined how badly Pokémon GO affects road traffic.

Drinking behind the wheel is a danger to life and limb, that is probably clear to everyone. But the cell phone also causes deaths and injuries in road traffic every year. A study from the USA specifically examined the role that the mobile game Pokémon GO can play in this regard. The results sound anything but rosy.

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Thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths because of Pokémon GO ?!

The study by Purdue University refers to accident reports from Tippecanoe County in the US state of Indiana. With the help of an extrapolation, they want to provide an analysis of the entire United States and come to the following results:

  • 145,000 traffic accidents caused by Pokémon GO
  • 30,000 injured in these cases
  • As a result, 256 deaths were recorded
  • The damage would run into billions of dollars.

How meaningful is the study on Pokémon GO?

However, these are extrapolations – for example, the nationally estimated damage is based on "5.2 to 25.5 million dollars" in the first 148 days after the launch of Pokémon GO in Tippecanoe County. In this respect, the number of players could have declined since then, while fewer (or more) accidents occurred in other areas of the USA.

Even if the extrapolations provide an exaggerated picture: The combination of Pokémon GO and driving is of course absolutely irresponsible – but this can also be applied to many other games or external activities with the smartphone. In this respect: keep your eyes on the street and only go on the hunt for the rare Pokémon if you don't let a ton of metal rush through the area at the same time!

Source: massivelyop

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