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Potzblitz! The developers of Pokémon Go put an end to the long suffering of the uninteresting and worthless research breakthrough! In December 2021, Pokémon Go’s research breakthrough features Kapuno, one of the rarest Dragon Pokémon in the game! Hype!

Can that be true? Show the Developer of Pokémon Go after months of starvation with uninteresting and unspectacular research breakthroughs in December 2021 finally mercy – or have you made a lucky strike at the Pokémon lottery ?! All PoGo players know that the research breakthrough in the past few months has been pretty slow.

But now the glorious time has come! Friends, trainers, onlookers, hold on tight: One of the rarest Pokémon in the game can be found in the Pokémon Go Research Breakthrough December 2021 from December 1, 2021 at 10:00 p.m. our time: Kapuno! Even with a chance of Shiny! Wahh!
Attention attention! Remember not to redeem the research breakthrough until 10:00 p.m.!

Research breakthrough saved?

You can take it easy on the fact that all kinds of Pokémon Go players will dial into the game from Niantic much more often when this news is received in December. Because getting four to five guaranteed kapunos is like Easter, Christmas and a birthday combined.

As usual, you have to do the following for a research breakthrough in Pokémon Go: Complete the field research tasks on seven different days and collect seven stickers that you need to open the reward box for the research breakthrough.

Pokémon Go: AR Mapping Field Research – What is it?

Kapuno and his evolutions

Kapuno is a fifth generation dark and dragon Pokémon and is rarely found in Pokémon Go. When you have collected enough candy for the developments, you can make Duodino out of Kapuno and Trikephalo out of Duodino. We wish you a lot of fun this time with the research breakthrough December 2021!

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