Pokémon Go: Research Breakthrough in October 2020

from Susanne Braun
With the research breakthrough, Pokémon Go players will return to the valley of tears at full speed: In the breakthrough in October 2020 you can expect – not for the first time since the release of Pokémon Go – Ninjatom. What a disappointment …

A member of the buffed crew always encourages the others to report objectively. To please this member, we are now giving you a very objective news sentence: In October 2020 you will find the research breakthrough of Pokémon Go Ninjatom, a third-generation bug and ghost Pokémon, one of the two further developments of Nincada (next to Ninjask) . You can get hold of Ninjatom in this way from October 1st, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. and then until November 1st, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. Have fun with it!

Look, that was even three objective sentences. Now for the less objective part: Ambitious Pokémon Go players better take the box from the research breakthrough, crawl in and close the lid by November, because who of the veterans is very interested in Ninjatom? After all, trainers already had the opportunity in November 2018 to receive this beetle and ghost pocket monster after seven completed field research from the research breakthrough. And since the developers at Niantic made the latest announcements by Events in October 2020 also not to mention that with luck Ninjatom can be got hold of as Shiny … well.

Ninjatom does not play a big role in the raid metagame of Pokémon Go and even if you wanted to use it in the trainer battles, then you should keep your hands off the PvP mode anyway due to frequently occurring lags – at least until the problems are fixed. Of course, for the stardust it is still worthwhile to redeem the research breakthrough. Very few coaches will be really satisfied with it.

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