Pokémon GO: Rihorn wins the Community Day poll

of Sebastian Glanzer
The winner of the Community Day vote for February 2020 has been determined – Rihorn! On February 22, you can hunt for the Rock / Ground Pokémon and further develop Rihornior with the rock thrower attack.

For the first time, Niantic let Pokémon Go players vote on the next Community Day Pokémon. For February, Vulpix, Machollo, Rihorn and Dratini were available. By completing the associated field research, players could vote for their desired Pokémon. The winner is now certain. On Saturday, February 22, 2020, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. of our time, Rihorn will perform more, if you are lucky even in the dazzling form.

Rizeros that develop into Rihornior during this period learn the Feslwerfer loading attack. As usual, lock modules will last three hours during the event period, and you will also receive triple star dust for catching Pokémon. It is not yet known whether there will be Sinnoh stones about quests, for example, for the further development to Rihornior. How strong Rihornior's special attack rock thrower will be cannot be read from the game files either. The operators of gamepress.gg/pokemongo did a few calculations, however.

How good is rock thrower?

Rihornior in the metagame damage from rock throwers

Pokémon GO: Rihorn Wins February Community Day Vote (2)

Source: gamepress.gg/pokemongo

Rihornior with Rock Thrower will never match Rameidon's Dps (damage per second). But that would also be too much to ask, because the decisive factor is often not the DpS, but the TDO (Total Damage Output). Here Rihornior Rampardos would beat clearly, even if rock throwers don't get as strong as community day attacks like Lohekanone, Aquahaubitze and Co.

Example A takes the damage values ​​from Aurasphere (the attack that made Lucario the best combat attacker). Calculation B uses the normal attack Gigastoss and calculation C takes the values ​​of the well-known Community Day attack Aquahaubitze. In order for Rihornior to pass Rameidon with rock throwers in DpS, the developers would have to buff the attack like no attack before. If Niantic is only half gracious, Rihornior can play a role in the Pokémon Go metagame.

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