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The hardworking Dataminers at Pokeminers, who regularly check out Pokémon Go's published game data as soon as it's released by the developers, have discovered something interesting. The introduction of special egg locations in the inventory seems to be planned, which would finally allow Pokémon Go players at least a rudimentary egg inventory management.

There are many mechanics and systems in Pokémon Go that regularly annoy members of the lively Pokémon collecting community. The trainers of Niantics Spiel complain particularly loudly that it is practically impossible to clean up the egg inventory and that this is why they go for special eggs – be it the eggs that they get once a week as a bonus from the adventure -Sync, or the 12km eggs they would get after defeating Team Rocket Bosses. The problem with this: Eggs cannot be deleted from the inventory and this bag only offers nine places. If you have just made space by hatching an egg and don't think about it, you turn the next PokéStop out of habit and have nothing, you nothing, with a very high probability another egg in your inventory. Bag full, again no egg from the next fight against Team Rocket. Sadface.

Hopes that this problem could be alleviated in the near future Dataminer finds from Pokeminers in the current Pokémon Go APK 193.1. As a result, new special egg slots will be added to the egg inventory, quasi an overflow basin for eggs obtained in a special waythat otherwise would simply disappear into nirvana because of a full egg inventory. Another, interesting conclusion can be drawn from the data found: Which Pokémon, with which gender, costume and whether shiny or not, are hatched from an egg is already determined when the egg moves into your inventory. This was widely accepted by Pokémon Go fans, but now there's more or less official confirmation (albeit unofficially).

Anyway: An overflow basin for the egg inventory would at least not let trainers who love running and turning lose their eggs from the adventure sync. If the Pokémon Go players could simply delete eggs from their inventory, that would of course also be a solution to the problem.

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