Pokémon Go: Suicune as a raid boss

Update from January 20, 2021:

Every now and then, selected Legendarys come back to the raids of Pokémon Go, and so it is with the legendary beast Suicune, which will appear together with Raikou and Entei at the end of January 2021 and beginning of February 2021. While Raikou and Entei are still performing well in the metagame of Pokémon Go, Suicune has never really cracked anything as a counterattack for other mega-monsters. But one or the other of the Pokémon Go trainers may want to add Suicune to their collection – possibly as a Shiny! Suicune will appear in level 5 raid fights from February 4, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to February 9, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. We have not used crypto-Pokémon in the counter-attacks.

By the way: Have you defeated Suicune – and maybe lucky so that it spawns as Shiny – then it has a perfect IV 100% value at level 20 when it reaches the CP value of 1,704. If Suicune is boosted to level 25 in rainy weather, then it has 2,130 CP for a perfect IV 100% value. We wish you much success!

Counterattack for the fight against Suicune

  • Zekrom with charging beam and power surge
  • Mega Bisaflor with tendril chop and Flora statue
  • Mega Ampharos with voltage change and lightning cannon
  • Elektek with shock of thunder and electric shock
  • Raikou with voltage change and current surge
  • Zapdos with shock of thunder and thunderbolt
  • Magnezone with spark jump and electric shock
  • Roserade with razor blade and shrubbery
  • Luxtra with spark jump and electric shock
  • Mewtwo with confusion and thunderbolt
  • Gewaldro with globular seeds and flora statue
  • Tangoloss with tendril chop and leaf whip

Original message from October 2, 2017: Entei goes, Suicune comes – fire is followed by water. In Pokémon GO (buy now ) Ambitious trainers can now go on the hunt for the legendary Johto Pokékom Suicune. So that you are well prepared for the fight, we have summarized the most important tips for you below, based on the guide from pokemongohub.net.

General information about the fight against Suicune

  • Suicune is a water-only Pokémon and has a Boss CP of 34,471. It can be caught with a maximum CP of 1,613 points.
  • You cannot defeat Suicune solo – it takes at least six to seven Trainers to win the fight.
  • Suicune has the following attacks: special sensor (psycho), hydropump (water), power reserve, bubble jet (water) and aqua wave (water).

Counterattack against Suicune

Because Suicune is a water Pokémon, it is best to drive counter-monsters of the plant or electric type:

  • Raikou with thunder shock, electric shock and thunderbolt
  • Zapdos with charging beam and thunderbolt
  • Blitza with thunderbolt and thunderbolt
  • Coconut egg with confusion and solar ray
  • Bisaflor with razor blade and solar jet
  • Giflor with razor blade and solar jet
  • Dragoran with dragon tail and tantrum

In the fight against Suicine, you mainly rely on Electric-type Pokémon and those that have the Solar Beam attack. A combination of Zabdos, Bisaflor and Kokowei is currently proving to be particularly promising, according to pokemongohub.net. A combination of Tangela, Ampharos, Sarzenia and Lanturn is suitable as an alternative second team. The latter in particular is suitable as a reinforcement because it has good stamina values ​​and can access electrical attacks. Ground Pokémon such as Tyranitar and Geowaz, which have proven to be particularly useful in the legendary bird Pokémon in particular, are left at home – they bite the grass quickly against Suicune's water attacks.

Catch rates for Suicune

You can find a detailed table with the catch rates for Suicune at pokemongohub.net. The most important information, however, is the following:

  • As always, you can influence your chances of getting a catch after the raid fight using various factors. In addition to the type of throw (curve and rating), the berries used and the medal with which you completed the raid play a role.
  • Without a medal in the boss fight, your chances of catching Suicune range from 1.67 percent (without a berry with a normal throw) to 12.34 percent (with a golden berry and a perfect throw).
  • With a bronze medal, these chances range between 1.84 and 13.58 percent, with silver between 1.84 and 14.72 percent and with gold between 2.17 and 15.85 percent.

Now the question is: have you been lucky so far and been able to add a Suicune to your Pokémon collection? Let us know in the comments and read more news about Pokémon GO on our topic page.

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