Pokémon Go fans are getting in the mood for the start of a new event: The Team GO Rocket Celebration begins on February 2nd. A time for activation is already available: The start is at 10 a.m. You then have until February 7th, at 8 p.m., to take part in the in-game event. From now on, the GO Rocket team uses crypto monsters such as Quiekel, Nasgnet, Stollunior, Seemops, Liliep and Anorith. In addition, new teams will be deployed, which, according to Niantic, will remain in place after the event has ended. Should you defeat a Team GO Rocket boss during the event, you may receive a matching sticker for your gifts.

In the wilderness, Pokémon such as Golbat, Smogon, Ariados, Baldorfish, Sniebel, Hunduster, Blanas, Skunkapuh, Pionskora and Toxiped appear more frequently than usual for the Team GO Rocket event. During and after the event, Baldorfish, Larvitar, Crab Corps, Absol, Pionskora, Ganovil, Zurrokex, Gladiantri, Skallyk and Kapuno made from strange eggs. Check out the raid battles: Alola-Meowth, Alola-Sleima, Skorgla, Sniebel, Sheinux and Klikk appear at level 1, and Nidoqueen, Ariados, Nachtara, Despotar and Absol at level 3. At rank 5, on the other hand, you take on Raikou and Suicune. Mega-Bisaflor, Mega-Ampharos and Mega-Hundemon are waiting for you in the Mega-Raids of Pokémon Go.

Also popular with PC games readers Pokémon GO: Gifts in February 2021 - these are the new free items

Pokémon GO: Gifts in February 2021 – these are the new free items

In addition to promo codes, Niantic occasionally distributes attractive free bundles for Pokémon Go. This is what you can expect in February 2021. Pokémon GO: First trainers reach level 50 - these are the requirements

Pokémon GO: First trainers reach level 50 – these are the requirements

Two trainers have reached the new maximum level in Pokémon GO. The requirements for level 50 in the mobile game are also now known. Pokémon GO: New Research Day Coming Soon - Monster, Shiny & amp; more bonuses

Pokémon GO: New research day starts – monsters, shiny & other bonuses

The big Johto event started today in Pokémon Go. A new research day will take place shortly.

New bonuses are also waiting for you for the Team GO Rocket event in Pokémon Go. All eggs placed in an egg incubator during the event will hatch twice as fast as before. It should therefore be worth paying a visit to the smartphone adventure in the coming days. You can find more information about Pokémon Go on our topic page.

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Pokémon GO: Team Rocket versus the team leaders!

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