Pokémon Go: Team Rockets Jessie and James

For a certain time in Pokémon Go, you can not only find Team Rocket's balloons, the black aircraft with the prominent, red R, but also the Meowth balloon, which, however, is noticeably less visible. On board the balloon with the meowth head are the famous Team Rocket members Jessie and James, who are joking around and send their Crypto Pokémon into battle. The peculiarity of this trainer fight is that you compete against the pocket monsters of both villains, i.e. against a total of six monsters – but at least they don't let Pokémon fight that were developed or legendary. This means that you can manage the fight reasonably well if you use sensible counterattacks. The following Pokémon let Jessie and James compete against you:

  • Jessie uses Rettan, Sichlor and Kindwurm
  • James uses Smogon, Sniebel and Tanhel

If you have successfully fought the battle, there is a certain chance that you can banish Smogon or Rettan in your Poké Ball in their dazzling version.

You want to use the following counterattack against Jessie and James:

  • You can fight Jessie's pocket monster Rihornior with catapult and rock thrower get started. Use catapult to use the Rettan challenge to charge rock throwers twice for Sichlor and Kindwurm.
  • You can fight James' pocket monster Lucario with increasing blow and dark aura use, because neither Smogon, Sniebel or Tanhel have a lot to oppose.

Have fun chasing Team Rocket's two celebrities!

Source: Pokémon Go Hub

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