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As if the Pokémon Go players weren't already loudly angry that the people from the Niantic development studio wanted to pull the money out of their pockets, a new Dataminers have been found: a subscription model category has been added to the shop section.

Everything revolves around the money, that's the impression many Pokémon Go fans have recently gained. Buyable special research on the Community Day is just as much a part of this as the lootbox-like feature of hatching eggs. Of course, the operators and developers of Pokémon Go depend on money, after all, the people at Niantic also want to benefit from their project. And they may do so with a subscription model in the future. The data miners from PokeMiners have found a section for a subscription in the data for APK 0.185.0 in the Pokémon Go shop.

"We saw evidence of a subscription service a long time ago," the people at PokeMiners write, "but now a subscription category has been added to this version as part of the Store section. Would be interesting to see how and how it looks." That doesn't sound bad at first. The only question is what kind of plan is behind it. If there is one at all, because the Dataminer finds are of course not confirmed by the developer.

The players are meanwhile skeptical. According to the opinions of some coaches, it would be possible that the decision-makers at Niantic could make the gaming facilities added to the game during the corona pandemic disappear behind a paywall. Another idea would be that the monthly special research on payment for the Community Days will in future be carried out via a subscription. Subscribers could also receive additional items every month, perhaps even items as coveted as expensive items like top TMs.

Still other fans believe that the people from Niantic could activate advertising in the game that you can switch off by subscribing, the authors report My MMO. It wouldn't be the first time that Niantics developers have worked with large corporations; just think of the cooperation with McDonald's or Starbucks. Especially since the Niantics have been working on a project for some time to support local businesses.

A subscription for Pokémon Go would of course be attractive if the subscription could really save money elsewhere. If there were Community Day special research for free and special research for just under ten euros were free. Then one or the other player would certainly be weak. What the developers at Niantic should definitely not do would be to take something away from the players that they can currently get for free. What do you think?

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