On the evening of May 21, 2020, when I read that Niantic employees in Pokémon Go are providing buyable event tickets for the Champ Research Nostalgia Challenge special research, my head exploded, to say the least, and I decided I should be annoyed with it make air in the context of a column. When I read the official article on the Pokémon Go operator's website the next day, my anger even turned to anger because two tickets are then even offered for € 8.99. For those who have completed the Temporary Research on the 2020 Nostalgia Challenge and those who have not. I will now explain to you why I consider both tickets to be insolent and rip off.

Let's take the special research event ticket first Champ of the 2020 nostalgia challenge. This allows those who have not completed the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh research to become a champ from 3 June 2020. In itself no big deal … the developers of Pokémon Go would not have made a mistake in the temporary research on the Kanto region. For the second step, the player had to fight in a raid. No problem per se … but the temporary research was active from May 1, 2020 to May 8, 2020. During the period, there were not only exit restrictions due to the corona pandemic in some places, but even curfews. So if you were tied to your own four walls at the time and were not lucky enough to find an arena nearby in which you could use a remote raid pass to fight a raid boss, you could not actually complete the temporary research. All inquiries from the players who were affected by it went to nothing. The solution now seems to be: "Give us almost 9 euros for the event ticket and good."

I find this cheeky because there are PoGo players around the world who have been unable to do the temporary research due to circumstances beyond their control; no matter how easy or difficult it may have been for everyone else. There is a group of players who will now inevitably pick up the ticket because Galar forms of popular Pokémon and Genesect are waving. However, this is a very sour apple that they bite into. Of course, Pokémon Go is just a game and no one is forced to pay the money. but that is not the point. It's about making a profit from players who simply couldn't do some of the required free tasks.

Now we come to the event ticket for special research Celebration of the 2020 nostalgia challenge. This ticket can be bought by all Pokémon Go players (also just under 9 euros) who have done all the temporary research and thus activated the Champ special research free of charge. In principle, the celebration of the 2020 nostalgia challenge is the same special research with the same tasks as for the Champ special research. The only difference is that all Pokémon encounters in Champ's special research are replaced by candies and the avatar item by stardust.

Wow. It is extremely overwhelming. For some people, 9 euros is not a cardboard stick. Then getting stardust and sweets is more than disappointing. I really do not advise anyone to buy the ticket for the celebration special research, because it stinks enormously from wasted money. Then there should be a ton of star dust and it would be cheaper for you to instead use the star pieces in the shop, which you can also pay with Poké Coins and not exclusively with money.