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from André Left
We reveal what you can expect from the mobile game Pokémon GO at today's spotlight hour. The focus is on the Beetle Pokémon called Toxiped, which appears much more frequently in the wild than is normally the case. You can also benefit from a special bonus.

Like every Tuesday, there will be a so-called spotlight hour in the mobile game Pokémon GO. The starting shot for the event will be given as usual at 6:00 p.m. German time. Then you have exactly one hour to take part in the spotlight lesson – so until 7:00 p.m. We'll provide you with the most important details about the event.

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This time the focus is on the Pokémon named Toxiped, which will appear much more often in the wild than is normally the case. If you do not own this pocket monster, it is the ideal opportunity to grab a particularly good one. However, there is no shiny variant of Toxiped, so there is no additional motivation for the special collectors among you. After all, there is a special bonus during the spotlight hour that all players can benefit from. You will receive twice the amount of experience points for developing Pokémon during the event. That means a decent chunk of 1000 EP per development – with activated lucky egg it is even 2000 EP.

The limelight lesson is therefore particularly suitable for those players who have not yet brought their character to the maximum level 40. The preferred tactic: collect as many Toxiped as possible and develop them with the help of the candies that were collected at the same time. Especially keen players will certainly manage to collect up to 100,000 EP during the event – and thus possibly rise in level.

By the way: The next Pokémon GO spotlight lesson will take place on August 25, 2020. The focus is then on Kleinstein. There is also double the amount of stardust when catching the creatures.

Source: Niantic

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