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of André Linken
The developer studio Niantic has also planned a lot for the mobile game Pokémon GO in 2020. As the team announced on the official website, the roadmap for the next few months is already set. You can expect several new features and events.

The current year is on the home stretch, so that the developer studio Niantic is already looking to 2020 for its still popular mobie game Pokémon GO. As can be seen from an announcement on the official website, a variety of features and events await you in the first months of the new year.

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It starts on January 1, 2020 with a small event that focuses on the Water & Ice Pokémon Lapras. For a month you have the opportunity to encounter this creature together with the attacks "ice splinters" and "ice jet" – should you make a research breakthrough beforehand. In addition, on January 2, 2020, the starting signal will be given for another adventure sync hatch marathon. where you can pick up star dust, special sweets and a single stone if you cover a certain distance. This event runs until January 16 – exactly two weeks. Furthermore, Heatran will soon be available in the raid battles, and newcomers from the Einall region are on the plan. In addition, you can look forward to new special research. Here is a brief overview of the new features and events for the beginning of 2020:

  • Further Team GO Rocket special research
  • Research breakthrough in January: encounters Lapras with the attacks of ice chips and ice stream
  • The Adventure Sync hatch marathon is back
  • Heatran conquered the raid battles in the firestorm
  • News from Einall in the new year

Source: official website

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