Pokémon GO: Twitter teaser indicates moon event – current in games

of Dominik Zwingmann
In the past few days, the makers of Niantic have shared various emojis of a waning moon on Pokémon GO's Twitter account. Fans are currently assuming that the team is planning to announce a new event. A few days ago, Dataminer also made a discovery in the game data that points to a new field research with the Pokémon Picochilla.

Pokémon GO coaches may be able to prepare for an upcoming moon event in the mobile game. The team from Niantic has published several Twitter teasers in the past few days that only show the emojis of a waning moon. If the makers stick to their plan, they should be able to share the tweet with a new moon later today. However, it is unclear whether Niantic has already prepared an announcement – provided the team adheres to the Lunar New Year.

In this case, Niantic would probably publish more moon tweets in the next few days. On January 25, 2020, however, the full moon would be reached again and an event announcement conceivable. Recently, Dataminer made a discovery in Pokémon GO's game data that could indicate a possible Lunar event. Several field research assignments were found that are related to the Pokémon Picochilla. In keeping with the year of the rat, Dataminer also found mentions of various Pokémon that are similar to a rat. A confirmation from Niantic is still pending.

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We'll keep you posted when the development team announces a new event in Pokémon GO. Just last week we reported on the new 5th generation Pokémon that have been found in the wilds of the mobile title for a short time. The Community Day with Plinfa also took place on Sunday.

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