Pokémon Go: Zekrom as a raid boss

Pleasure among the players of Pokémon Go, because the legendary Tao trio from generation 5 will soon be waiting in the tier 5 raids of Niantics pocket monster game. Reshiram will have its first appearance from May 26, 2020 at 10:00 p.m., for which we have already prepared a counter-guide. Then Zekrom and Kyurem will follow, although no date has yet been confirmed for either. But that doesn't stop us from giving you some tips on Zekrom in the counter-guide, with which pocket monsters you best stand up to the black monsters of the dragon and electro types. Because after Reshiram has a good chance of becoming the best fire attacker in the game so far (up to 80 percent stronger than Entei), Zekrom will probably cut a similar figure – it has a chance to outstrip Elevoltek and Raikou.

Pokémon Go: Zekrom as a raid boss – counterattack

The legendary single-dragon Zekrom of the type dragon and electric and as a raid boss has 53,394 CP, which you want to beat down with your counter. As with Reshiram, the same applies to Zekrom that it can be countered primarily by strong dragons, but also properly tucked away by ground and ice attackers. It is believed that Zekrom can be defeated by a player trio with Best Friends Bonus and Weather Boost, but if you want to be on the safe side, take five to seven high-level or 10+ low-level coaches into the fight – Long-distance passes make that possible.

Since Zekrom is a dragon, it can of course also have dragon attacks, which of course makes it dangerous for your dragon counterattacks – the Fire Breath instant attack and the Tantrum charge attack are absolute killers. Zekrom is boosted in windy and rainy weather, and when it rains, the possible electric attacks of charge beam (immediate) and power surge (charge) become very dangerous for your ground attackers – you may want to sniff out the fight first, if you only have a few Players are on the go, and have a ground or kite team in the rear. Eis-Mon, which you choose for the fight, only have to watch out for the light cannon before the charging attack. Based on the statistics and theoretical combat runs, the following strong Zekrom counterattacks have emerged:

  • Palkia with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Zekrom with breath of fire and tantrum
  • Reshiram with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Dialga with breath of fire and Draco meteor
  • Crackers with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Dragoran with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Mamutel with clay clamp and avalanche
  • Stalabor with clay clamp and hammer drill
  • Rayquaza with dragon tail and tantrum
  • Brutalanda with dragon rod and Draco meteor
  • Groudon with dragon rod and earthquake
  • Latios with breath of fire and dragon's claw
  • Maxax with dragon rod and dragon claw
  • Demeteros with clay shot and earth forces
  • Rihornior with clay clamp and earthquake

Pokémon Go: Catch Zekrom

If you have successfully completed the fight against Zekrom, the free routine follows and you have the chance to put the pocket monster in your Poké Ball. Then at level 20, Zekrom has 2,307 CP at 100% IV values. If Zekrom is boosted to level 25 in rainy or windy weather, then it has 2,884 CP with perfect 100% IV values. We wish you much success in hunting!