of Andreas Bertits
The MMORPG Temtem is a great success, but is still in the early access phase. Now you can experience a safari in the end game zone Saipark with the new content patch.

You can actually from the MMORPG Temtem Don't expect too much yet because the game is in the early access phase. This means that not all content is available yet and problems can still arise. Nevertheless, the players of the online role-playing game are thirsty for more content, after all, the "Pokémon-MMORPG" is currently extremely well received.

Endgame in Temtem

Now the Saipark has been introduced with a new content update. This is an endgame content, for which you can get access to a safari zone with the in-game currency Pansuns for a fee, in which you can catch particularly rare temtem. There are different creatures to be found every week. In addition, the Temtem in the Saipark have a higher chance of being "Luma", so optically particularly rare.

If you enter the Saipark, you will receive five Saicards. You use these cards in the new endgame zone instead of the regular Temcards to catch Temtem. The new update also contains a number of bug fixes and the vault, in which you can store your items safely.

Source: RockPaperShotgun