Over 13 years ago, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Team Red and Team Blue were two classic Pokémon spinoffs. For many Pokémon fans, these titles awaken childhood memories today, and the original is now available in a new look on the Switch! For whom the series is completely new territory, here the short form of the game principle: As a person, you are suddenly stuck in the skin of a Pokémon and try to penetrate ever deeper into the eponymous dungeons with your team.

It is important to skillfully show off your own strengths in turn-based battles, consider the possible actions of the opponents and, in the meantime, not lose sight of the hunger and life bars of the Pokémon companions. So far? Well, then you can start! Before we start with our rescue team, the right Pokémon must be selected. Whereby "choose" is not necessarily the right word …

At the beginning there is a short personality test, at the end of which a Pokémon that matches the individual characteristics is suggested. There are initially 16 starter Pokémon ready for this. You then slip into the role of a person who comes to this Pokémon for reasons that are initially unknown.

As soon as he wakes up, he and his partner have to set up a rescue team consisting of three members and search the surrounding caves for Pokémon in need. Cool innovation: the rescue team can be put together freely, so the starter Pokémon chosen at the beginning does not necessarily have to be taken into every dungeon as long as you don't play a story quest. Various practical functions improve the game flow: Pressing the A button now causes the attack with automatic attacks. The Pokémon team also automatically searches the dungeon for items and quest objectives by holding down the LR key. This makes progress easier and is a useful addition to the gameplay.

The catchy gameplay is just as fun as it used to be. The dungeons should have been a little nicer and more varied.

The catchy gameplay is just as fun as it used to be. The dungeons should have been a little nicer and more varied.

Source: PC Games

Wild Pokémon may be friends with us after the fights and can be included in our team. The only requirement: we have to have a Pokémon Camp that matches the type in which we can send unnecessary team members. It's not that easy, because there are numerous types of camps – after all, the first four generations of Pokémon have made it into the game. Incidentally, some mega developments have also been added.
A lot has happened in terms of scope and gameplay!

Only one thing stands out negatively: The game is not particularly difficult in the first few hours and unfortunately the level of difficulty increases very slowly in the later course of the game. A problem that has been running through the Pokémon series for some time: Even in the last part of the main series, Pokémon sword and shield, fans complained about the level of difficulty being too simple. What makes the cave excursions more exciting is the compulsion to take enough money with you into the dungeons. The incentive for this is the Knuddeluff Orb, which can also be used to buy underground camps for new team members, as well as randomly generated stores that advertise rare items. However, anyone who dies in the dungeon loses part of the money they carry. This will reward risk-taking players in particular.

Occasional shops appear in the dungeon. This creates the incentive to always have some money with you.

Occasional shops appear in the dungeon. This creates the incentive to always have some money with you.

Source: PC Games

The new graphic style catches the eye right from the start. The cute comic look fits wonderfully with the lovingly designed, colorful world of the Pokémon. During the fighting in the caves, the fresh art style is unfortunately less effective, but it looks all the more beautiful on the upper world and in the cutscenes. The small character pictures show the emotions of our loyal pocket monsters in heart-warming picture book drawings. The character traits of the Pokémon are also well interwoven with the story and the world. This creates a wonderful image of the Pokémon universe!

My opinion

The return to the great world of Mystery Dungeon looks good and puts you in a good mood!

With the new edition of the popular Pokémon Spin-Off, Spike Chunsoft has demonstrated a flair for successful fan service. In addition to all the nostalgia for the secondary series of small pocket monsters, enough adjustments were made to create a wonderful gaming experience that will still impress in 2020. Among other things, this is due to the well-thought-out gameplay, which with its many options for matching team lineups, attacks and items offers enough depth for the experts among the speleologists. Retterteam DX is also an accessible entry into the Mystery Dungeon series for newcomers. Only a slightly higher level of difficulty would have been good for the game. Thanks to the cozy comic look, the lively Pokémon village and the nice story, the game creates a small oasis of wellbeing in which everything revolves around friendship and helpfulness. All in all a must for Pokémon fans!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (NSW)

Fun gameplay with enough depth
Beautiful look with hand-drawn charm
Innovations in the right places complement the game principle of the original
Large scale thanks to numerous Pokémon
Nice staged story
Especially too easy at the beginning
The dungeons could have been nicer

Exciting trip into the Pokémon cosmos with cute style and fun gameplay!

The catchy gameplay is just as fun as it used to be. The dungeons should have been a little nicer and more varied. (Source: PC Games)

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