Have you always wondered what it feels like to put on your shoes … sorry – to slip the paws of a Pokémon? With the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX, the new edition of Mystery Dungeon: Team Rot & Blau, this question is a thing of the past. Editor Laura reveals in her test why you should give the spin-off a chance and how it differs from the original.

Spin-offs never interested me One of the reasons why Pokémon Mystery Dungeon completely passed me as a series. I still haven't understood the decision that Team Rot 2005 was released for GameBoy Advance and Team Blau on Nintendo DS. So when I got the chance to do that Remake Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX to test, I was literally fired up.

"Who am I? I have paws? I'm … a Pokémon! "

Unbelievable, you wake up as a Pokémon. Far from home, in a world that is completely foreign to you. Somewhat dazed, you look into the eyes of an unknown Pokémon and even if you are firmly convinced that you were once human, it welcomes you with open arms.

This Pokémon is of course none other than the little monster that will accompany you on all your paths in the future. By the way, compared to the main games, you don't play a trainer, but a Pokémon that is accompanied by another. While you identify your protagonist through a personality test, your partner Pokémon must be selected from the 15 remaining. In my case, by the way, the test showed Charmander – I chose Karnimani as the opposite pole. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can also choose yourself.

Together fighting the first dungeon, you save a caterpillar that has fallen into a crack in the earth. Then you decide to found a rescue team. The best team in the world was born!

This is how Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX plays

The gameplay of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX is very simple: The world of little monsters is ravaged by natural disasters. As a result, particularly brave Pokémon join together in small groups to save lost pocket monsters from dungeons.

In these randomly generated dungeons you come across wild Pokémon that you have to stop. If an opponent is defeated, he disappears or wants to join you. So you can add another six Pokémon to the fixed three-player squad that you choose before the dungeon.

In addition to hostile opponents, a variety of different items can be spotted: from seeds to berries to orbs – one item more helpful than the other. Compared to the main games in the series, items are one of the most important elements in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. They can literally save your bum.

In addition, you can only take a limited number of items into the dungeons. Organization is everything here, because while KP are regenerated while running, you should always have enough berries, apples and revitalization seeds with you. If your stomach growls, you quickly lose life points and even abnormal status effects are not poplar in Mystery Dungeon DX. If you fail in a dungeon, you will lose all of your worn items and your money.

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Yes, all of your items and all of your money

The Stardew Valley players among you know the feeling. Nothing is more annoying than being defeated in the dungeon. You lose about seven items and about 1000 gold. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon you can forget about this puppy protection. Instead, it offers the possibility of your items in the Kangama camp and your money in the Snobilikat bench to store.

Furthermore you can on the Pokémon square, which is a kind of meeting place near your base, items and TMs are purchased from the Kecleon brothers, train in the Makuhita dojo, link your attacks when you sip and open new camps with cuddle air, where you can accommodate your recruited comrades.

In addition to all of the amenities that Pokémonplatz offers, you will find, just like in the original part, the Pelipper Post, where you can take on new jobs every day. If you have successfully completed a mission, the rewards will also be handed over here.

What distinguishes DX from the original

While the original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon was released in two versions, the DX team merged both rosters, giving a wider choice of starting Pokémon. In addition, the type fairy has been added and many new Pokémon added, which you will of course experience first.

In addition to a variety of small changes that make the combat system more enjoyable, the biggest improvement is that you can automatically move through dungeons until you encounter an enemy. If you press the A button, you automatically trigger the system's best attack recognized by your Pokémon. This simplifies the walk through the dungeon, but it doesn't take it away Level of difficulty. You will not be amazed, because this one is not of bad parents in Mystery Dungeon DX.

In addition to the level of difficulty that we are not used to from Pokémon games, it is particularly impressive absolutely adorable graphics by Mystery Dungeon DX. Staged like a fairytale, the shader evokes a symbiosis of Okami and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Hats off, with this graphic even gelatini melts away!

And this game made you cry now?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is much more than just a simple dungeon crawler, in which you will grind a lot. It is a story about uncompromising friendship that goes beyond the limits of being. A story – so humble, touching and innocent. Although I was embarrassed at the beginning to hear my friends, who always repeat their names, correctly, I fell in love again and again. From the shy Raupy to my always energetic Karnimani.

Mystery Dungeon took the step back in 2005 that I miss in the main series of Pokémon. It shows courage breaking new ground – courage that I want so much for the continued existence of Pokémon because the series is close to my heart. Even though DX's combat system is repetitive from time to time and can frustrate extremely long dungeons, it offers hours of fun with the Pokémon of (in my opinion) the best generations. Although the story of the game is still current today, it offers little innovation in terms of game mechanics compared to the first edition. It is and remains a remake – for this reason I would like to question whether the price of 59.99 euros is reasonable compared to today's AAA productions.

Give spin-offs a chance!

Everyone should find out the latter for themselves – for my part, I can do one absolute recommendation because the more I got involved with this game, the more I feel like I missed a real fan favorite back then. Thanks to Nintendo, Pokémon Company and Spike Chunsoft, the developers and therefore true heroes of this game, for reviving this classic in a new guise.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX will be released on March 6, 2020.

You will like it if you Pokémon likes and is open to spin-offs, far away from the classic Pokémon games.

You won't like it if you are quickly frustrated by long-winded dungeons and can't get anything out of tactical gameplay.

Prove your knowledge as a real Pokémon expert! Are the following names real Legendary Pokémon or did we just make them up?

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