Pokémon: Old Trading Card Box is as expensive as a whole house

Pokémon trading cards have become a real trend in recent months and they are becoming more and more valuable, as a booster box now in its original packaging proves.

Pokémon: Trading cards were auctioned for a record amount

The value of old Pokémon trading cards has exploded recently. Streamers open hundreds of booster packs to perhaps pull out one or the other valuable card and collectors also pay a fortune privately.

A record amount has now been reached in an originally sealed and sealed box from 1999, which changed hands for as much as 408,000 US dollars, the equivalent of around 338,000 euros. On the auction house's website, the description states that there is a First Edition Charizard Card would be in it. It is one of the most valuable cards and recently reached $ 350,000 alone, which corresponds to around 289,000 euros. Rapper Logic was also able to fulfill the dream of this card at the end of last year.

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It is not yet known whether the card is actually inside. First of all, the buyer has to fight his way through 36 booster packs with 11 cards each, so in the end he has to 396 trading cards check – if he even opens the box.

The value of Pokémon trading cards has grown dramatically

While such a box went over the counter for around $ 56,000 in 2018, according to Kotaku, there are now hundreds of thousands. This is a Value increase of around 700 percent. Obviously collectors like to pay for it anyway.

The artist was very creative here.

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