Little is known about the family of the Pokémon protagonist Ash Ketchum. A new film finally answers a 23 year old question.

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Pokémon: Ash has a father

The Pokémon anime has been running for almost 23 years. While Ash Ketchum, who has remained forever young, keeps catching new pocket monsters, his family has always remained in the dark. Fans only know his mother Delia Ketchum. But where is his father?

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The mysterious man has never been shown or even mentioned since the series began in 1997. Did he die or did he just break up with his wife? In the new Pokémon movie "Secrets of the Jungle" it is now finally confirmed that Ash is at least not a virgin birth.

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Ash talks about his father

So far the film has only been shown in Japan. A German version is to follow in 2021. in the Novel to film Not only confirms Ash that he has a father, but also that he knows him. shares a quote in which Ash talks about his experiences with him:

“When I was little, my friends laughed at me for my dreams. Whenever I pouted about it, my papa said to me: The card to your dreams is in you. If you give up now, your dreams will not come true either. "

Now it is finally clear that Ash is his spent early childhood with his father Has. Now that the silence is broken, more details about his family may follow. One fan theory instead claims that Ash's father is much closer than you think.

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Ash tells Ketchum about his father for the first time in a new Pokémon film. There may be more in the future Secrets about the protagonist's family revealed. What do you think happened to Ash's father? Feel free to visit our Facebook page and write us your assumptions in the comments.