That the new editions of the 4th generation, Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, lack of challenge, we already have in our test of the games chalked. We still needed 20 hours for the adventure in the Sinnoh region.

When a Speedrunner the titles now in less than an hour finished, then that is not because of the lack of difficulty, but because of the fact numerous glitches. Speedrunner and YouTuber Werster impressively proves in his video how quickly you can get through the Pokémon remakes – if you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

On the way to the Hall of Fame – with two Pokémon

And while Werster calmly chooses one of the three starters in the first five minutes, his speed run soon turns into a only glitch festivalwhere he leaves no stone unturned. With the help of a menu glitch, he not only skips the laboratory scene and the catch tutorial, but also walks straight away from 7:00 a.m. “out of bounds” – So outside of the game world intended for players.

A minute and a half later it lands on Route 212 and shortly afterwards in Weideburg, the city of the fourth arena, and has with it without further ado skipped several hours of play. A little later he catches a Bamelin that, together with his starter Plinfa, will remain the only team member – until the credits.

It gets particularly spectacular again towards the end, more precisely from around 45:00, where he skips the rival fight and the top 4 with the help of a glitch, only to then whistling past Champ Cynthia to walk into the hall of fame and finish the game. With that he skilfully ignores one of the toughest fights in the franchise, which one has to nibble on even when playing through the game normally.

In the video description, Werster not only names the glitches he uses, but also does that “broken” state of the games responsible for its performance. Shortly after the release there were already one Series of technical problems popped up: Players could clone Pokémon or have involuntarily locked up at a certain point in the seventh arena and messed up their scores with autosave.

Those: Werster on YouTube

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