The first big surprise for Nintendo and especially Pokémon fans right at the beginning of the very young year: The first Direct will be broadcast on January 9, Nintendo revealed on Tuesday. It was quickly speculated wildly and many wishes for new Pokémon games were expressed. We also recorded our assumptions about Pokémon Direct in our in-house Nintendo podcast.

Pokémon sword & amp; Shield: New Pokémon and more - Expansion Pass announced (1)

Pokémon Sword & Shield: New Pokémon and More – Expansion Pass Announced (1)

Source: Nintendo

Now the Direct has run and we know more. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon will be released in March: DX rescue team for the Switch and Pokémon Home should start in February. There is also great news about Pokémon Sword & Shield (buy now for € 19.99): The games get an expansion pass, which can be pre-ordered in the Nintendo Switch eShop with immediate effect. For 29.99 euros there is new content in two parts: "The Isle of Armor" and "The Snow Land of the Crown". The new content is currently under development and will be released gradually in June 2020 and in the autumn of the same year. Game Freak already gave an insight.

The island of armor

"The Isle of Armor" is about growth. In this new area, you will explore many new areas, such as beaches, bogs, forests and caves. You can also discover a dojo for Pokémon battles there. Mastrich is your mentor in this part of Galar, he was also the mentor of Champ Delion. You will meet new rivals here as well as new Pokémon, for example the legendary Dakuma pocket monster of the fight type. Your Galar starters also have new forms of gigadynamax and associated attacks in this region. There are also new items such as the EP pin, new clothing and designs for the bike and last but not least: The entire island of armor offers a freely movable camera and enables open exploration of the game world, just like the nature zone!

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The snow land of the crown

"The Snow Land of the Crown" is about exploration. Here you can also discover many new things, for example a temple and a mysterious giant tree. In addition, you can explore Pokémon nests much deeper than before and there, among other things, encounter and catch many legendary Pokémon from previous main games in the series, for example Mewtwo! The new legendary Pokémon in this area is Psycho / Plant Coronospa. This part of the expansion also offers a new co-op mode. Like The Isle of Armor, you can explore The Snow Land of the Crown with your free camera as you like the nature zone, and of course there are new outfits and other additional content.

"New" old Pokémon for everyone!

Both parts are included in the expansion pass, but you have to buy your own pass for sword and shield. Both passes differed in details such as catchable Pokémon and characters you encounter, as in the main games. A total of 200 new pocket monsters come to the Galar region through the expansion pass, including many from earlier parts of the series. With a free update, these Pokémon can also be transferred to Sword & Shield without an expansion pass, for example via Pokémon Home. Until the new content is published, Nintendo plans to publish further information in the news.

Pokémon sword & amp; Shield: New Pokémon and more - Expansion Pass announced (4)

Pokémon Sword & Shield: New Pokémon and More – Expansion Pass Announced (4)

Source: Nintendo

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