Pokémon Sword & Shield on Black Friday: Top offer surfaced on Amazon

Finally the time has come: Black Friday Week is under way. Just as we can not wait to communicate new deals, you're probably already scratching the hooves to get the Pokémon game of your dreams as cheap as possible. Which offers are still so worthwhile around the little monsters, we show you here.

Pokémon Sword & Shield at the best price on Amazon

The Black Friday makes it possible: Pokémon sword and shield have just appeared, but the games are still at a discounted price of per game , This is only 9 cents more expensive than the game here historical best price, If you want to get a switch, follow our article Nintendo switch offerings on Black Friday,

Pokémon sword & shield for a good double-pack prize at LIDL

Is Pokémon Sword & Shield right for you? (Yes.) Check out the trailer to find out:

Lets go! Those of you who are not familiar with LIDL's online shop should now be eavesdropping. Lidl has just proven once more that they can be quite cheap – even in terms of video games.

Currently there is Pokémon Sword & Shield for fabulous 45.99 euros in the online shop. In a double it belongs to you for 91.98 euros. Whoever does it in a double pack (and maybe shares with a friend or girlfriend), can do the same at the same time Save on postage, From a value of 50 euros you get with the Coupon Code "DEAL" the postage on top.

Highly anticipated, the game belongs in the hands of every Pokémon fan. Pokémon Trainer Laura explains in her test what to expect – and why you should give the new part a chance.

Important: The action is only valid while stocks last.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: In the best deal

Although Nintendo Switch games are often relatively price stable, Pokémon Sword & Shield has already suffered a rapid price decline. at Saturn is the game currently available for 51.99 euros, LIDL, however, beats this price by a long way and it will be interesting to see what offers are still waiting for us on Black Friday. If Pokémon Sword & Shield gets even cheaper, we'll add that in this article. So watch over, future Pokémon masters!

Pokémon sword & shield in price decline according to idealo.de