Pokémon Sword / Shield + Super Mario Maker 2

There was a lot of criticism before the release of the two new Pokémon editions. From you too! The EP divider, which cannot be switched off, the limited number of Pokémon, the rather average graphic quality – we ourselves were not always completely enthusiastic when playing the Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield as part of our previews. But this issue finally creates clarity, because the result of our extensive test is in front of you.

N-ZONE 01/2020: Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield, Super Mario Maker 2, Overwatch 2 and much more (2)

N-ZONE 01/2020: Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield, Super Mario Maker 2, Overwatch 2 and much more (2)

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In addition to the monstrous role-playing game, there is a lot to discover in the test area of ​​the new N-ZONE. The mix of topics in this issue is a perfect reflection of what is offered to players on the Switch and shows why Nintendo's console has so many fans. For one thing, we have a real brand flagship with Pokémon with a lot of traction. Then there are successful reissues of older Nintendo hits such as Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the conspiracy of the millionaires Deluxe. There are also indie gems like Children of Morta or Black Future '88, which are also available on other platforms, but can be enjoyed portably on the Switch. Not to forget the insider tips, which appear almost out of nowhere and suddenly cause enthusiasm due to their high quality. We also have two examples up our sleeve: New Super Lucky's Tale and The Stretchers. Which game is your favorite this month?

In addition to all the tests, we also have many other important and current topics on offer. In the magazine section, we shed light on what the competition is doing, why villains are so important for good games, take a look at Digimon Survive, Overwatch 2 and Shovel Knight Dig in our previews, answer your questions and dedicate yourself to that Community, as always ten pages filled to the brim. Not to forget: the retro sections with the N-ZONE time travel and a detailed report on the stealth classic Splinter Cell.

The new N-ZONE will be available from November 20, 2019 at your favorite magazine dealer or in our Online shop.

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In our detailed Complete Overview we inform you about all digital N-ZONE variants including a comprehensive explanation of what needs to be considered when registering for these services.

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