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What can you buy with enough money in your pocket? Naturally rare and valuable Pokémon cards! A new record has now been set for a collector's item in terms of sales.

Who doesn't know the old ones PokémonCards that were hotly traded in schoolyards from the 1990s to the early 1990s? An extremely rare card called "Pikachu Illustrator" was now sold in Japan – and with a record amount. On Zenplus, a Japanese shopping website, an American citizen leafed through a whole $ 233,000 for this card. But what makes it so special that this record sum has been paid?

Before scratching all of your old Pokémon cards out of the basement, attic or from the last corner of the (former) children's room: this card is incredibly rare. You could only win it at a Japanese comic book drawing competition in 1998. In total there were only 39 versions, of which they are loud Zenplus ten still available. In addition, the card from the auction is in almost perfect condition. The picture shows, as the name suggests, Pikachu with brushes in his hand. It is a Japanese card, which means that the back shows the Japanese logo of the game and the description of the card on the front is covered with Japanese lettering.

Interestingly, the card is not a very powerful example in the context of the trading card game. Rather, the card was just a kind of trophy for the winners of the comic competition.

Who thinks that the partially cute pocket monsters meanwhile only in digital fights such as the latest version Pokémon sword and shield competing against each other for the Nintendo Switch is wrong. Even today, the trading cards still find their lovers. For example, the collectible card finals of the Pokémon Players Cup instead, which you can follow live on Twitch, Youtube, or the official Pokémon website.

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