In case you always wanted to know what is not funny: An iconic figure that has been enthusiastically placing children with a gun on a demo for generations.

Video game culture

The armed Pikachu stood out from the small group of "demonstrators". In Michigan, some people demonstrated for their fundamental rights that the lockdown to curb the corona pandemic put them at risk. So it's about really essential things like getting your hair divorced.

To defend the right to freedom of expression, a few of them are equipped with automatic weapons. After all, no American should feel intimidated and unable to speak freely for fear of repression because … Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

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The person in the costume definitely seems to be a weapon expert. The reporter of the The Detroit News, Andy Morrison, she said it was an AR-15. Expert Twitter users quickly corrected: It is an AR-9. An actually irrelevant discussion, because Pikachu, as a popular character among children, did not deserve this.

Nintendo won't like that.