Police cars disappear from Fortnite – is BlackLivesMatter the reason?

Without notice, the police cars disappeared from Fortnite and the players suspect a statement about police violence behind them. There are sources that support this suspicion.

Actually, Epic Games always communicate the changes to the map in Fortnite quite openly. For flooding the map, trailers made sure that nobody missed it. Another change was accompanied by not so much noise, the disappearance of the police cars was rather quiet and secret.

The police cars were removed not only in Battle Royale but also in Creative mode. Many players suspect it a response to global protests against police violence. in the Reddit a player notes that Epic probably doesn't want "That in their game people stand on police cars and shoot at each other". He thinks the publisher wants to avoid the controversy.

Since the vehicles can also be used in the current season, many suspect this can lead to some tasteless jokeswhen players shoot at others from inside a police car.

According to sources from the Wall Street Journal (Attention: Item requires subscription), the changes were made for the reasons mentioned. The source does not see a political statement:

"I would not say that it is a political statement. I think it's just about dealing sensitively with a topic that a lot of people in our audience have to deal with. ”

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So it seems like a real political statement if only half of it. Sensitive handling of the topic is also about not being a platform for racist behavior, but also preventing the possibly resulting PR nightmare.

What do you think of the action? Is Epic doing the right thing, even if the reasons are not entirely unselfish?