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Police parade at Lidl: PS4 sale causes chaos

A Lidl branch attracted significantly more attention than intended with an exceptional PS4 offering – in the end, even the police had to move.

PlayStation 4

A spectacular PS4 deal in a Lidl store in France caused the shop's employees to call the police on Wednesday, so as to disperse the crowd that had gathered in front of the store because of the sales.

PS4 sale at Lidl with unexpected consequences

A store of the supermarket chain in the French town of Orgeval – located in the Yvelines region – had offered the PlayStation 4 for a whopping 95 euros. This price undercuts the usual offer in Germany of 299 euros for a PS4 Slim by exactly 204 euros – and the prospect of these massive savings has made itself felt in the number of prospective customers before charging.

Even before the shop could even open its doors, such a large crowd had gathered on Wednesday morning that the employees felt overwhelmed. Some of the customers had even camped outside the store during the night. But all the waiting shouldn't pay off: The police broke up the large group on Wednesday morning in tumultuous scenes.

Lidl's PS4 sale escalates

The sale of the PS4 attracted a total of around 500 people. Local police sent 70 people to disperse the crowd. It was after Police say even tear gas after a bottle was thrown used. The PS4 sale, which was certainly planned differently, escalated completely without anyone even being able to profit from it. Since then, Lidl has officially canceled the sale and also kept the branch closed.

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Would you have expected such an outcome on a PS4 sale? When was the last time you camped in front of the shop for a special deal? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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