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The Polish government has decided to launch an official Minecraft server. The campaign will run under the name "Grarantanna" in the coming days. The aim of the project is to educate children in a playful way. Quizzes on the country's history and geography are planned. A design competition for the most beautiful building with real prices is also planned in Minecraft.

The government in Poland has implemented a creative idea to keep children from going out in the coming days. Because of the pandemic of the corona virus, a Minecraft server was launched that kids can use for social activities. The action has the name "Grarantanna" to get. Not only little games will be available on the server, but also some educational content. These include quizzes on Polish history or the geography of the country.

All public schools, museums and cinemas in Poland have been closed since March 11, 2020. Now players with Grarantanna should get a productive distraction. Incidentally, the Minecraft server is not only intended for children. Even students of higher levels can let off steam in the game world. Each participant receives a small 60×60 field that can be used for your own creations. On March 30, 2020, the best buildings will be presented and awarded prizes.

Neverlight Association is responsible for the organization of the server, which is also active in the field of e-sports in Poland. In the past few weeks, numerous events, films and filming have been postponed or even canceled due to the spread of the corona virus. For example, Black Widow's theatrical release was postponed recently. Many providers are now offering their films to viewers in digital commerce much earlier than originally planned.

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