Polish government sets up Minecraft servers for students

While it's usually a matter of getting the kids to sit in front of their PCs and consoles not so much, the Polish government is currently doing the opposite, and has even created its own Minecraft server for the kids to help them cope with the tough times don't get bored.

Children should be among friends and have the opportunity to socialize. Since this is currently not possible due to the blocked contact, alternatives were sought. The Polish government published aloud Gamespot that's why now the Grarantanna portal, a platform that offers a Minecraft server and other fun activities, but which still contain educational values.

The Minecraft server is not just for the younger kids. Pupils from elementary schools, high schools and universities are encouraged to log in to build a digital world together. Every player on the server receives a 60 × 60 plot to let their imagination run wild. The best creations will even be publicly presented and rewarded on March 30th.

What do you say? A good alternative for students? Are you also involved in projects and how are you currently experiencing everyday school life? We are happy to tell us in the comments.

Original post on March 21, 2020 at 10:05 a.m .:

Minecraft: Students organize their own graduation ceremony in the game

The COVID-19 is currently causing exceptional conditions and failures worldwide, and in some cases strict quarantine has been imposed. That is why numerous events are currently falling by the wayside – such as the graduation ceremony of a primary school class in Japan. The pupils have an idea.

In Japan, too, schools were and are closed to slow down the spread of the virus and, at best, to avoid it. Because of this, some events fall into the water. It also hits school hard, so they have to do without their graduation parties.

Japanese students came up with something to spend the whole day together and have fun, without seeing themselves personally and thereby endangering themselves or others.

Parents do tele-work, children do tele-degrees

For example, the media report on the event, which takes place together in Minecraft instead of in real life. In this sandbox game there are almost no limits to your imagination, so why not organize a graduation party there where the students obviously have a lot of fun. It should be emphasized that this the idea of ​​the children was all alone. Neither the teachers, nor the school nor the parents are involved.

How is it with you Do you currently have to do without a certain event or is the situation not influencing you at the moment? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.