At the start of the new Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft struggled with a few problems. Now you promise the players that you will take care of it – and that one of the best new functions of the next-gen consoles will become even better in the future.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X / S: Next-gen consoles struggle with teething problems

Anyone who bought one of the two next-gen consoles right at the start of the Xbox Series S and Series X should remember some problems. With some players, for example, the connection between the controller and console breaks down at regular intervals. Much more annoying, however, was that one of the best features of the Microsoft consoles wasn't working properly: Quick resume.

The new feature allows players to switch back and forth between several games within a few seconds – literally a “game changer”. However, some of the games that Microsoft said should officially support the feature caused major problems. They crashed out of hand. That's why Microsoft decided to remove the feature from these games and promised users that a solution is being worked on.

What's the difference between Xbox Series X and Series S? In the video we explain it to you:

Quick resume in focus: Xbox employee reveals the console timetable

in the official Xbox podcast "Director of Program Management" Jason Ronald spoke up and made it clear that the team is already dealing with it:

“One area we really focused on was that we had to turn off quick resume on some games when we went to market. The team has worked really hard to re-enable this feature in these games so people can use this feature on all the titles they play. "

This year there is again a lot to play for Xbox gamers:

In the further course of the interview, Ronald also mentions that the developers are already busy To make Quick Resume available in other games as well. Xbox Series S and Series X users can expect updates to come in the next few months, if they are part of the Insider Program.