Modders regularly bring new content into games. Now Fortnite is also growing, because thanks to Team Evolve one of the most popular counter strike maps will find its way into the game.

In Counter-Strike you can face your opponents on numerous maps. They vary in shape from different places to different cities to different countries and each has its own charm. However, some maps are more popular than others – such as those Card Dust 2which is very popular with fans.

Have you already discovered all of them?

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Fortnite: All 5 E.G.O. outposts – localities on the map

The Dust 2 map in Fortnite

Fortnite players can not complain about too little variety in the maps, but a kind of crossover is nice for both sides. The Modder team Evolve repeatedly publishes content for Fortnite's creative mod, bringing iconic and popular titles. This time they chose the multiplayer first-person shooter Counter-Strike.

Team Evolve wants the shortly Code for the map about Twitter publish. This then makes it possible for you to play the popular dust map in Fortnite, with an authentic CS face.

Why is Fortnite so successful? And which games have influenced Fortnite? You can find the answers in the following video!

What do you think? Which game would you like a map in Fortnite for, or would you even prefer a Fortnite map in Counter-Strike? Please write us your opinion in the comments.