Nintendo says goodbye to a popular Mario game. In an official blog post, the company announces that the Wii-U classic will be sidelined. GIGA will tell you what that means for the players!

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker: Wii-U classic goes "offline"

With Super Mario Maker, Nintendo provided Wii U players with an ingenious construction kit almost 5 years ago with which they could build their own Mario levels and put them online. The game was hugely popular and made sure that talented level architects could let their creativity run free.

But that will soon be over! Like Nintendo in one official blog post announced Super Mario Maker for the Wii U will slowly but surely be sidelined. There is still a deadline for the players. From January 12, 2021, the game will no longer be found in the Nintendo eShop; on March 31, 2021, the ability to upload levels will be deactivated.

From this point on, players can still build and save new levels, but can no longer share them online with their friends and the community – the most important function of the game will be deactivated.

Nintendo pulls the plug: important functions before the end

But that's not all. Because the bookmark function, with which you can save special levels, will also fall victim to the digital scissors. In addition, you can no longer change the ranking of the courses that you have "liked". If you try to use one of the functions from March 31, 2021, a corresponding error message will be displayed.

Indulge in nostalgia again! You should definitely check out these levels of the original:

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The all-clear for all players of the direct successor Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The new version is not affected by these changes, you can still use all functions. The DS version of Super Mario Maker is also not restricted. With this step, Nintendo ends an important chapter in Wii U history after 5 years. Finally, in the article, the group thanks all the players in the original.