Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Popular PC survival game now also on PS4 and XBox One – including a new ending

The survival game Stranded Deep was released in 2015 and has only been available for PC since then. Now the popular survival simulation has also been released for consoles.

Travel is currently falling flat, but if you long for the beach and the sea, the survival game Stranded Deep offers plenty of it. So far, the pleasure was reserved for PC gamers only, but now come too PS4– and Xbox One players.

Among them are some classics.

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Standed Deep: lots of sun, but snappy sharks

Of course, Standed Deep is not a vacation – there are islands to discover, raw materials to collect and survive. Domestic animals such as sharks, wild boars and giant squids make it difficult for the player.

The game has been in the early access phase since its release in 2015, but the console version also offers new content. It is now possible for the player to escape the islands for the first time.