Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Popular sandbox game goes high on the Steam charts

As they say? "What takes a long time will finally be good" – this also applies to Terraria, because the sandbox game is finally finished after 9 years and immediately enters the Steam charts.

The developers have worked on Terraria for nine years and have now completed the game with the final update. Not only is the developers delighted, the fans also seem to have been waiting eagerly for this moment. At least that's what they prove current number of players on Steam.

Lots of time to gamble and think about your loved ones.

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Terraria: A little phenomenon

With The Journey’s End Update, the sandbox game Terraria is now a finished game, but it was a long way to get:

“There is a lot of love in this update and our team has worked tirelessly for a while. We really have the feeling that it will take Terraria to the next level, a place where the core game can finally be described as "complete", said a developer at Re-Logic.

When you look at the latest Terraria player numbers on Steam, many fans agree. The game is currently number 4 in the top games and occupies a place among the top sellers.