Friday, May 07, 2021

Portal 2 turns 10 – fans are giving the game completely new mechanics

Bild: Valve

Because cake is a complicated topic for the birthday of Portal 2, there was new content for the tenth year of the sadistic puzzle fun, from the fans for the fans.

Portal 2

In the depths of the Aperture Science Laboratories, one thing is certain: there is always another test track. Portal 2 turned ten on April 19, 2021 and the community is celebrating the game and itself with a very special mod.

The modder behind Portal Reloaded but didn’t just develop new and mean test tracks. They add completely new mechanics to the game to create even more complex puzzles. The portal gun now fires a third green portal with which you can now also travel through time.

Puzzle fun and agony in 4 dimensions

In addition to the puzzles in three-dimensional space, you now also have to use the fourth dimension of time for the solution. You move with the green portal between the present and the future in 20 years back and forth. As test subject 4-5-0-9 you will be brought out of the cold sleep by an AI in order to cope with some long-forgotten test routes. The mod tells its own story, spread over the two timelines. There are new music and over 100 self-created dialog lines.

Reading tip

Alexander Gehlsdorf21.04.2018

There are a total of 25 new test tracks. On the Website of the Mod will be an approximate Playing time from 3 to 5 hours specify, although this depends heavily on your portal knowledge. Portal Reloaded was created by just a single modder named Jannis who has been working on Portal Reloaded for a few years, according to the website’s FAQ. Actually, he never had the intention to release the mod. Fortunately for the fans, he changed his mind.

You can of course find the mod on Steam. Portal Reloaded is only one Singleplayererfahrung. To play Portal Reloaded, you have to Own Portal 2That is, the mod itself is free.