Pre-order PS5: Sony boss about availability

The PS5 cannot be pre-ordered at the moment: The new Sony console is sold out in all shops. The rush for the first contingents was huge. In a conversation with the Reuters news agency says Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, that the demand for the PlayStation 5 is "very, very substantial". According to Ryan, as many PS5 consoles were pre-ordered within twelve hours as in the first twelve weeks of the PS4 pre-order phase. He did not give any specific figures.

At what time a replenishment can be expected and the PS5 can be pre-ordered again, it is not clear from the information provided by Ryan. He added that Sony would work hard to have enough PS5 consoles available for the upcoming shopping season. However, Ryan is dampening expectations: "It may well be that not everyone who wants to buy the PS5 on launch day will actually find one," added the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The shopping season should relate to Black Friday (November 27), which heralds the high-turnover Christmas business in the USA, for example. German dealers also attract visitors with many offers and discounts at the end of November.

At German retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn, previous PS5 contingents were sold out after just a few minutes. At the moment, it is not possible to foresee when the dealers will receive and sell further quotas. It's best to keep an eye on our bargain guide: This is where the latest deals from the gaming world come together. The PlayStation 5 will be released in Germany on November 19th. In the US, the console will start on November 12th. (buy now )

Our The test process has started: Sony has already made the new console available to us. In an unboxing video we introduce you to the contents of the PS5 packaging. Many more details about the PS4 successor await you soon.

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