Pre-order the Steam Deck: If you are currently interested in a Reservation of the new handheld from Valve decides, has to wait several months before he can place the order – and the device is finally delivered. A look at the Steam website shows: Two of the three models on offer are now only available “after the second quarter of 2022”. This affects the versions with 256 GB and 512 GB memory. The basic model of Steam Deck, however, should be able to be ordered “presumably in the second quarter of 2022” – with the reservation now.

While the information on the base model at least suggests an approximate period of time (April to the end of June), Valve formulates the two more expensive models more spongy. “After the second quarter of 2022” could mean that the models can be ordered from the third quarter (July to September). However, it would also be possible that current reservations cannot actually be served until the end of 2022. This suggests that Valve is showing a very high level of interest in Steam Deck – and that demand exceeds supply. Microsoft, Sony and graphics card manufacturers know the problem. However, it is not known how many Steam Deck devices have actually been reserved so far.

Incidentally, something similar has happened in Great Britain and the United States. However, the basic model seems to be more popular here: How PC Gamer reported, UK and US customers can currently order the 64 GB model “after the second quarter of 2022”. Valve intends to deliver the other two versions in the course of the second quarter of next year, provided that reservations are made now. Reservations for the Steam Deck have been possible since July 16. Valve plans to ship the first devices in December 2021.

Just a few hours after the start of the reservation phase, Valve changed the availability of individual models to the “first quarter of 2022”. So if you wanted to be one of the first players to hold Steam Deck in their hands in December, you had to make your reservation on time for the start of the pre-order phase. The rush to the reservation page was initially so high that there were sometimes problems with the ordering process. The basic version of Steam Deck is available for 419 euros, the 256 GB version for 549 euros and the 512 GB model for 679 euros.

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