With Predator Hunting Grounds, the developers of Illfonic recently released their latest game for PC and PS4. This mixes the asymmetrical multiplayer formula from Evolve, Dead by Daylight and Co. with the license of the iconic 80s action film. At first, this reads on paper like a death-proof thing, but turned out to be a moderately entertaining online shooting gallery at the release on April 24th. But why? In this special we have listed the five biggest problems that Hunting Grounds are currently holding back.

If you want to play online with other people, you have to be prepared for waiting times. Multiplayer titles like Counter Strike or World of Warcraft have taught us enough in recent decades. In Predator: Hunting Grounds (buy now for € 39.95) but your patience will be put to the test really hard. Don't be fooled by the nice times in the menu. Even if you are supposed to find a quick game in 40 seconds or less, the connection process can sometimes take five, if not ten times as long. It happened to us during our test phase that we sat in the queue for over ten minutes until we pulled the rip cord ourselves in complete frustration.

Ten minutes waiting for a game? Matchmaking in Predator: Hunting Grounds often kept our breath away.

If you want to play Predator: Hunting Grounds, you have to be patient. Even if the waiting times have improved.

Source: PC Games

Good thing you have been an isolated case. If you absolutely want to try the Predator, you always have to have a lot of suffering. The waiting time here is more than five minutes by default. Of course, you can also try your luck and join a game without preference. Here you will be classified 99 percent as part of the human fire team. The developers really have to do it again.

The different beating in Predator: Hunting Grounds only differ in their damage values. Due to the lack of ballistics, they all steer quite the same.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is pretty bloody, but the game is not a feast for the eyes.

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Let's just say it straight away: Predator: Hunting Grounds is not necessarily nice to look at – neither on the PC nor on the Playstation 4. The graphics often appear mushy and out of focus. At a distance, it is hardly possible to make out any details or opponents in the green-brown uniform porridge of the South American jungle. The console version in particular also suffers from low-resolution or late reloading textures, edge flickering and frame rate drops. All of this would still be manageable if the developers at least let the display settings tweak properly. The intrusive user interface, for example, cannot be switched off, so that every tree that can be climbed is highlighted in red as a Predator. It could have been solved in a more subtle way.

Bugs and glitches are still common in Predator: Hunting Grounds. After all, at least some of them look funny.

Even two weeks after the release, the multiplayer title still suffers from technology hiccups.

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As if the visual deficits weren't enough, there are also a few technical construction sites in Predator: Hunting Grounds: The most common are graphic bugs that cause your hair to glitch through your hat or the character models of your characters simply don't load at all will. Much more annoying than these small display errors are the blunders when it comes to gameplay. At times, the Predator let itself be stunned by melee attacks and then knife to death. Due to a broken collision query, it sometimes happened that leaves blocked shots from the plasma gun. That shouldn't actually happen in a finished game for almost 40 euros. The imprecise, sometimes not individually customizable controls and the really stupid enemy AI were always a thorn in our side.

The items you get in gun cases are different in rare cases. If you get an exotic red drop, you can be particularly happy.

The biggest in-game motivation is currently leveling your character and unlocking new items. There is no real goal in hunting grounds.

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On paper, Predator: Hunting Grounds actually offers enough content: Especially the level system for characters and weapons, with which you constantly unlock new items, should keep you on the line for quite a long time. In practice, however, the maximum level 100 can be reached within a week. And then you almost got everything out of the game. Of course, you can still hunt for OWLF research data, win the platinum trophy on the PS4, or try to get hold of one of the exotic red items. The likelihood that you will pull them out of one of the weapon boxes is almost zero.

What Predator: Hunting Grounds needs is more scope. Long-term motivation. An incentive to continue playing even after reaching the level cap. How about a Ranked mode and leaderboards like in Dead by Daylight? How about offline modes with bots or single player challenges like in Friday the 13th? How about new maps or night versions of the already available maps Kaff, Derailed and Dickicht? There were basically enough possibilities, the developers only had to implement them.

The Predator's problem: Even with the camouflage function activated, the Yautja fighter is still clearly recognizable.

The Predator is clearly visible despite the camouflage function. This makes secret attacks on the fire team quite complicated.

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Predator's biggest problem: Hunting Grounds is and remains balancing. Especially as a Predator, life is made really difficult for you. He is not the silent hunter known from the movies, but only plows through the undergrowth with little subtlety. The Yautja wheezes like a steam curl and, despite the camouflage mode, is clearly visible if you are not standing still on the spot. So the fire team of course has no problems preparing for possible attacks. Especially since the Marines usually have the upper hand anyway, since they never have to split up for the various missions and therefore there are always four of them.

Unfairness is the reinforcement feature. If the fire team manages to send a corresponding radio message and survive for almost 60 seconds, all fallen comrades are revived – with full ammunition and full health points. Fair is different. Of course, the developers have now helped with some patches, which among other things have generated the damage of some weapons. Still, Illfonic still has a lot of work to do before Predator: Hunting Grounds can reach its full potential.

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Predator: hunting grounds – Update 1.05 with AI fixes is here

Update 1.05 for the multiplayer action game Predator: Hunting Grounds is now available for download.

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