Preload phase on the PC has started

from André Linken
Pre-orderers can now download the action role-playing game Minecraft in the preload phase – at least on the PC. A corresponding note can now be found on the product page in the Microsoft Store. There is also information about the installation size.

The release of the action adventure Minecraft Dungeon is still around two weeks away after a postponement. But the pre-orderers among you can already download all the necessary files – at least on the PC. As you can read on the corresponding product page in Microsoft Sfore, the preload phase has started.

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If you like Minecraft Dungeons (buy now for € 15.80) pre-ordered, you are now able to start the download and prepare for the launch on May 26, 2020. In addition, there is more detailed information on the installation size of the action RPG on the product page mentioned: Accordingly, the game takes about 2.7 gigabytes on your hard drive. By the way, it is not yet known when the preload phase should begin on other platforms such as Xbox One. However, it shouldn't take too long. As soon as there are specific details in this regard, you will find them immediately in our news section.

Source: Microsoft Store

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