Prequel to Fury Road and two sequels planned

of Karsten Scholz
According to film director George Miller, three films are currently planned in the Mad Max universe after the very successful Mad Max: Fury Road of 2015. First, a prequel is to appear that illuminates the "Origin" story of Furiosa (embodied in Fury Road by Charlize Theron). It may well be that the dominant character of Mad Max does not play a role in this film at all. Max Rockatansky should then come back in the other two films – Tom Hardy is again firmly planned as the main actor.

In late 2019, we had reported that cult film director George Miller already on one new part of the Mad Max series is working. Reported a few days ago Movie starts however, that this film should not focus on Max Rockatansky, but the tough fighter Furiosa, in Fury Road by Charlize Theron embodies. Specifically, the film is supposed to be a prequel to Fury Road, which tells the "Origin" story of Furiosa.

Since Max and Furiosa only got to know each other in part 4, it could well be that the previous eponymous main character in part 5 does not play a role for the first time. Since we will see a much younger furiosa in the next film, Charlize Theron will probably be replaced by a younger actress. However, there was probably no final decision regarding the cast.

According to Miller, Mad Max should by no means completely disappear from the scene. He is planning two more Mad Max parts (the plot is obviously already set), which will then follow up on the end of Fury Road. It also fits that Tom Hardys Contract according to its own statement, a total of three films. It will still take a while until they flicker on the canvas. The Furiosa prequel will surely not hit theaters before 2022.

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