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Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven announced in a press release the next expansion to Prison Architect prison management simulation. The add-on called Island Bound is scheduled for release on June 11th for PC and consoles. Island Bound promises to spice up the gray prison routine with numerous new features.

The new add-on "Island Bound" for prison simulation Prison Architect from 2015 should be available from June 11th this year. The expansion boasts promising new content. As you can already guess from the title, this is primarily island-based content. Among other things, two brand new island cards inspired by Alcatraz await you as well as many new customization options for your own prison.

In addition to the two new maps called Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island, many more new mechanics come into play. Players can use the add-on to improve the logistics of their prison in the future using ferries and helicopters. On the one hand, new inmates can be transported directly into the docking area around the prison, on the other hand, this also offers new access options for unwanted contraband. As a prison director it is important to avoid the latter. With this new feature comes the opportunity to improve your supply chains with docks and helipads. We can set which delivery services should be available at the individual points within our premises.

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Because security must be guaranteed in a prison, new options are also added in this area. The new objects are intended to facilitate the search of deliveries and prisoners when entering the prison. We can also call additional emergency services, such as the fire department, elite ops and paramedics. In addition, new possibilities for the design of our site provide more security. In addition to more than 15 nautical adjustment options of a purely aesthetic nature, we will soon be able to improve our country through ditches, rivers and lakes. What all the fun is supposed to cost has not yet been announced.

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