Pro customers get refund for purchased launch titles

Recently, the list of all launch titles on Google Stadia was announced. However, some Stadia Pro customers were able to purchase the now free games on the list before the announcement. Now Google offers you compensation.

In early November, Google released the full list of their Google Stadia launch titles, which they later expanded with 10 more games. Among them are the games Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and the Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition. Although these titles are now free, they were available for sale to Stadia Pro customers prior to the release.

Refunds for Stadia Pro customers

As soon as the list of free Stadia Pro titles for December appeared, users who have already bought these games spoke up.

"I bought a game on Stadia. This game is free next month. You learn from mistakes."

"It was really stupid of me to buy the Farm Simulator for release. I do not think there are any refunds? "

In a community update forum from Google was explained that the timing between the Stadia launch and the new titles for Stadia Pro was too tight clocked and thus this purchase came about.

A community manager from Stadia said he was aware that users have recently bought these games and of course they get a refund. Despite their policies stating that after 14 days of purchase and after two hours of play, the game can not be returned.

"Due to the closeness between the launch of the platform and the announcement of these titles in Stadia Pro, we are happy to assist you in requesting a refund. Even if you have bought one or both of these titles. But this action is not part of our normal policy. "

And they keep their word. But according to the motto who does not ask remains stupid, the support of Google Stadia must be contacted. Because the process of refund is not automatic.

"If you contact Stadia support, they will give you the refund! I got mine without asking questions. "

"Google Stadia is distributing refunds for games that are now free."

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These are not the only problems Stadia users have had to deal with since the launch. Even the promise for a 4K quality can not be met for some. So far the service is only available as part of the Sadia Premiere Edition and will only be released in the spring of 2020. One can only hope that they get the hang of it by then.