Does the mysterious Nintendo Switch Pro even exist? Since the hybrid console appeared in March 2017, rumors of this kind have been circulating again and again. There is talk of 4K resolution, a larger, better screen in mobile use, a significantly more powerful processor and more.

One thing is clear: If there is something to the rumored console, and with a view to Nintendo's behavior during earlier handheld iterations, this is quite likely, then it will probably not be Nintendo Switch (buy now ) Pro hot. After all, Sony already relies on the Pro name suffix with the PS4 Pro.

A Brazilian journalist and leaker now wants to know the real name of the Switch Pro. According to him, the console will be called Super Switch. Whether we will then abbreviate it as NSS, i.e. Nintendo Super Switch, or SNS, i.e. Super Nintendo Switch, is not clear from the alleged disclosure.

PH Brazil, the Twitter name of the speaker, has made a name for itself in the past through several correct Nintendo predictions, so that it should actually have the appropriate sources and its leak should therefore not be dismissed as pure speculation.

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The name Super Switch came up before, most recently in October of last year. The alleged leaker Tyler McVicker was already using the name in his alleged revelations.

Do you think there is something to the Switch Pro or Super Switch rumors? Let us know in the comments!

Source: wccftech

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