How expensive is the PS5 really? Industry is rumored to have production costs never before seen by any other generation – and Sony seems unsure of how expensive they want to sell the console. If you rely solely on what it costs to manufacture them, we can expect a small usury. Which is actually not a usury.

Perhaps Sony will not make much sales with the PS5 alone, let's just talk about the profit from selling the consoles. What sounds like a joke is actually none – let's believe the new information on the Production costs of the PS5,

As the Industry magazine Bloomberg reports, the cost of manufacturing the PS5 on round $ 450 each, The information is based on anonymous sources from industry. Bloomberg continues that Sony is normally in the February of the release year sets the price; this time, however, the group is keeping a low profile. That in turn would explain why the new one Console still hasn't been presented, As I just said in another message recently, everything has spoken so far about an announcement from PlayStation 5 in February. Why? Because the last generations were also presented in February, price announcement included.

Does that mean the PS5 will cost at least 450 euros?

Of course that's the big question. At the same time, however, one that is not so easy to answer: If we look back at the PS4, it cost 399.99 euros for the release. IHS Markit According to the console, the cost of production was approximately $ 381. Is that true, Sony has here too can hardly make a profit – we only consider the sale of the console and forget for a moment that the group may have made enough money with all kinds of PS4 games.

So the PS5 becomes even more expensive and approaches the 500 euro mark? It is possible, but in this case Sony has to pay even more attention: They are in direct competition with Microsoft and the Xbox Series X: If the price difference becomes too large, Sony could lose its buyers. In addition, it is certainly far from Sony console to expensive to bring to the market, To this day, all kinds of VR glasses have to struggle, which are expensive to produce and therefore also reach the pain threshold of buyers in terms of price.

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It is impossible to guess now how expensive the PS5 will actually be. Who knows, maybe it will even be sold below production value? If Sony decides soon in this regard, it should also announcement nothing in the way. And then we all know more.