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In preparation for WoW: Shadowlands and the first raid in Narthria, a complete professional guild has changed factions. But for once, the horde has not grown bigger again: Exorsus is now an alliance guild – and it is also clear why.

In WoW, the balance between the Alliance and Horde factions is always an issue. Whereby it's more about the lack of this balance – often the horde is in the majority, which also concerns professional guilds, who secure the smallest advantages for raids in order to earn titles like "World First". Horde races such as blood elves and trolls had shone in the past with their exclusive spells and bonuses, but now the tables have been turned. The Russian raid guild Exorsus has gone over to the alliance. If you look at the characters of the players, it becomes clear why that is.

Ex-Horde guild now consists mostly of dwarves because of raid

Although there hasn't even been a new release date for the expansion since the postponement of WoW: Shadowlands, the members of Exorsus are still preparing for the first raid on Narthria Castle by almost all of them becoming dwarves:

Exorsus' membership list has been dominated by dwarfs since switching to the Alliance in WoW.

The Exorsus membership list has been dominated by dwarves since switching to the Alliance in WoW.


The reason for this is simple: Dwarves have the racial ability Stone figure. With this a player can get rid of all poison, disease, curse, magic and bleeding effects every two minutes. There will be tons of the latter in the first raid of Shadowlands, for example in the fight against Denathrius, Sludgefist, Sun King's Salvation or Shriekwing. Loud wowhead is probably Insidious flesh wound the stone legion. Usually one will just get through this harmful effect Crystalline explosion going on that a random player gets. Stone figure (and also Vial of Equanimity from the Pact of the Kyrians) should provide more control in this boss fight.

Professional guilds change factions like other pants

We still have to wait and see how strong the advantage of having many dwarfs in the raid squad will be. Such actions are not uncommon for professional guilds. During Battle for Azeroth, the Limit guild only defected to the Alliance because of the equipment for the Darkshore War Front – for Hordler this would only have been possible in the second week after the Mythic Raid opened.

Can you understand such behavior? In your experience, how much can such a folk ability affect? Have you ever changed faction because of such an advantage? Write to us in the comments!

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