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Flash is coming to an end and so are the games that were developed with the technology. A new project now wants to archive as many flash games as possible.

In 2020, on December 31st, the end of Flash, This means that all browser games that were created with this technology and still rely on it can no longer be played. Many developers have already switched to HTML5, but a project now wants to keep as many Flash games for future generations as possible.

Flash games should be preserved

Flashpoint offers a way to still play flash games via your own launcher – but with some restrictions. Games that have been sold commercially are not included, as are the games that require a server to play and do not have a single player mode. In addition, only the titles are available, which have also got the right holder's go.

In the meantime, more than 38,000 flash games have been "archived". You can either use Flashpoint as pure Download launcher and then select the tracks that interest you individually or you can download the entire archive, which is however around 241 GB in size. Maybe you still want to play your favorite flash game in 2021, then Flashpoint is an exciting alternative.

Source: PCGamesN

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