Medieval spanking games are as popular as ever. Titles like Chivalry, Mordhau, and For Honor enjoy a loyal team of players who can’t get enough of showing off their talent in sword fighting – or ax fighting. The Korean gaming giant Nexon has now announced a new game for precisely these fans, which they currently call “Project HP”.

“On this battlefield we fall apart and rise again” reads the game’s slogan, which probably refers to one of the game’s mechanics. Players who fell in battle turn to stone and crumble. However, those who prove themselves in battle can probably become a stronger hero. Or summon a stronger hero, the teaser trailer isn’t overly accurate here.

Over the next few months, Nexon is looking for some alpha testers who will try out 16v16 and 12v12 battlefields, among other things. The game mainly focuses on hand-to-hand combat with the associated weapons such as swords, spears, maces, and whatever else there is. However, it is clear from the trailer that magic will also be a part of the game. The alpha testers will have to find out how this will affect the balance.

Eunseok Yi is the Director for Project HP. He is a veteran of the company and has worked on a number of successful titles such as Vindictus and Durango: Wild Lands. In an interview with the Korean magazine Inven YI explained, “I’ve prepared it so that you can taste the fun and climax on the battlefield in a destructive and attractive world.” Furthermore, Eunseok Yi states that the game mainly revolves around “brutal action”.

Neon expressly emphasizes that it is a “Premium Triple A” title, which is aimed primarily at more powerful machines. The disadvantage of this beautiful look is that the minimum requirements are already relatively high. For this you need an Intel i7 CPU, 16GB Ram, and an Nvidia RTX 2060.

Much information or even a publication date cannot currently be found on the official site of the game Find. Registrations for the alpha test are already open, but this is only for Korean players.

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