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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be expanded in September in select regions. From then on, players will also be able to use Project xCloud at no additional cost. This means you can play over 100 games on offer at any time on your smartphone or tablet. Phil Spencer also talks about switching to Xbox Series X in his post.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has again commented on the future of Xbox. In a detailed article, he explains that the player will be the focus. For the upcoming next-gen switch with the new Xbox Series X, Phil Spencer has released a list of things fans can expect in the future.

In addition to many already known things about the new console generation, the Xbox boss also presented a new announcement. Project xCloud will become part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September. In selected regions, subscribers can then play over 100 titles of the Xbox Game Pass on a smartphone or tablet – at no additional cost. In addition, Phil Spencer assures that the games from Xbox Game Studios will continue to be available for launch in the Xbox Game Pass. These include Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2 as well as new games from Forza, Age of Empires, Gears of War and many other Xbox IPs.

Xbox Series X: debut trailer introduces the new Xbox console

The other points are a brief summary of known details. So Phil Spencer goes back to Smart Delivery, which always gives you the best version of a game – whether Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Microsoft will also not force anyone into the next generation. Xbox Game Studios titles will continue to be developed for Xbox One over the next few years. Your controllers and accessories will continue to be compatible with Xbox Series X. On July 23, there will be a look at new first-party titles in the Xbox Games Showcase.

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