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Microsoft's Kareem Choudhry said the company is in negotiations with developer studios to miss the upcoming cloud service Project xCloud exclusive games. In addition, Microsoft also works on titles that are to appear exclusively on the service.

2020 should Microsoft's launch its own cloud gaming service Project xCloud in Germany. To make the service interesting, the company is currently in negotiations with developer studios. These are to develop exclusive titles for the service.

Exclusive games for Project xCloud

Cloud gaming is becoming more relevant. After Google's Stadia service has already started, Microsoft will follow suit with Project xCloud next year. We're going to face a competition here, like the one between Xbox and Playstation, because both Stadia and xCloud are supposed to be supplied with exclusive games.

According to Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft is currently in negotiations with several developer studios. In addition, Microsoft works even on exclusive games for the service. What that will be for games, there is no information yet. However, it will take about two years to see these titles.

The "Preview" of Project xCloud will start in 2020 in Germany.

Source: VG247

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